Whatever makes you comfortable and doesn’t hinder your movement. No street shoes allowed. Sneakers required, but please bring them to change into. Knee pads optional.


3.30pm- 5.00pm  Price: $65
Do you desire lines that people never forget? This workshop will teach you the tricks of the trade!! Students will immerse themselves in an intensive warm-up to make sure their muscles are nice and gooey. Whether we are working on a static spin or holding a pose on the spin pole, students will learn the artful technique of perfecting their lines. Making them look longer, leaner and as if energy is constantly shooting down their limbs and out through the tips of their fingers and toes!



Kelly Sawyna is a classically trained dancer from the outskirts of Philadelphia. She studied under prestigious organizations such as the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, the Boston Ballet, and the Central PA Youth Ballet. Additionally, she was a finalist in the Youth America Grand Prix, and a first-place division winner of the Toulsa International Dance Competition in France. Kelly’s academics lead her slightly astray from the dance world when she decided to study architecture at the University of Miami. It was during her time in Miami that she developed her love of fitness. Able to combine two of her passions, Kelly started teaching the Boss Chick Dance Workout in 2015. She loves sharing its infectious combination of dance, fitness, and sassy attitude with others. Outside of Boss Chick, Kelly is an architect specializing in healthcare design and project management.

SUNDAY JULY 29th 2018

Shaina Cruea

US National Pole Champion
She brings the pole community over 20 years of dance/movement training, a broad skill set in choreography, competitive training, performance, and instruction. Her extensive dance background encompasses the depth of knowledge, creativity and critical eye required to educate aspiring artists, performers, and competitors. With a true passion for teaching, Shaina inspires each student to achieve their highest goals in technical complexity, self-expression, and fluidity.Shaina is the creator of contemPOLEary DANCE, LLC, a unique combination of contemporary dance and pole dance. She is also the designer of contemPOLEary DANCEWEAR, a line of dancewear geared towardscomfort and functionality for movement focused humans. Shainahas devoted her life to pole and dance; she currently teaches her signature workshops around the world while keeping her home base in New York City.

2018 IPC finalist (Brisbane, Australia)
2016 Pole Art Spain finalist (Mallorca, Spain)
2014 US National Pole Champion (NYC)
2014 Atlantic Pole Champion (Washington DC)
2014 Florida Pole Fitness Championship ~ 3rd place-Pro Division (Orlando, FL)
2013 Super Shag Pole Fitness Championships ~ 2nd place-Level 3 (Boston, MA)
2013 United States National Pole Championship ~ 2nd place-Level 3 (Las Vegas, NV)
2013 Atlantic Pole Championship ~ 2nd place-Level 2 (Washington DC)

​Pic by Jeff Tan

Sunday 5th

3.30pm - 5.00pm

$30 per person

ContemPOLEary DANCE'ography  

1.45pm - 3.15pm   Price: $65
Open Level
This choreography based workshop will start with a contemporary dance warm-up along with a bit of conditioning. Dancers will learn specific fluid, yet not confined contemporary choreography. Shaina creates and environment of open experimentation and will encourage dancers to take risks and make deliberate stylistic choices.


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*Shaina is available for Private/Semi Private Lessons.   Please inquire if interested.

THE THREE  S’s - Shaina’s Spins on Static

12.00pm - 1.30pm    Price: $65
Intermediate/advanced students
Get those callouses ready or prepare to build thicker ones! This workshop will start with conditioning to develop and prepare the body for the core strength you will need to make these spins look powerful yet effortless, followed by a focus on getting the most revolutions possible out of advanced static spins. You'll learn how to create dynamic rotation using the proper technique to enter and exit these unique static spins.


Pic by Michel Leroy.

The Boss Chick Dance Workout is a hardcore hip hop, twerk, dancehall, & afrobeats dance workout that will have ladies poppin, lockin, and droppin their way to a bangin new body. The class features dance combinations in the styles of hip-hop, dancehall, and street dance along with an abs series and stretch series. In addition to discovering your inner-Beyoncé you will be sculpting your abs, arms, legs, and glutes for a complete full body workout! Come prepared to sweat, dance like never before, and burn up to 1,000+ calories! No experience necessary.