All Levels

(No Pole Needed)

The main focus of this All Levels floorwork class is to encourage free expression. We will explore eroticism and how it is inspired through dance. Leave your inhibitions at the door and come play!

Heels are optional; knee pads are highly encouraged. No experience needed.



(No Pole Needed)

Vertical Barre is a full body work out that emphasizes core strength and builds lean muscles while improving stamina - this is achieved through isometric exercises based on fundamentals of Ballet and Pilates. While utilizing the pole for stability and making use of equipment such as resistance bands for conditioning/flexibility, this class will help develop the necessary body awareness and strength needed to take your pole skills and dance techniques to the next level.

It is suggested to bring your own mat to this class and wear comfortable work out clothes (socks are optional).

All Levels

(No Pole Needed)

Liquid Motion® is a style of dance education and methodology inspired by traditional, contemporary, and sensual floor movement. This class aims for a seamless and organic dance quality that can be applied to your personal pole and low flow practice.

Knee pads are highly encouraged; your choice to wear platform shoes, socks, or be barefoot.




All Levels

(No Pole Needed)

Not your average conditioning class, this power hour helps to develop the specific muscle groups you will need for pole moves. This class will give you a conditioning workout that is specific to pole by using the pole!  With this cardio and circuit training you will not only improve your strength, but it will also transform your coordination, endurance and body awareness. Wear your workout gear and get ready to take your fitness game to a new level!


Students in this class will engage in floor/base work, climbs, conditioning, and foundational tricks. Simple transitions and combinations will be taught on both static and spinning pole. Students will be introduced to inverts from the floor. In all inverted moves, students maintain at least 3 points of contact with the pole. Students will climb the pole and learn ways to safely descend from an invert. Students will become comfortable with a variety of spins and skills involving pull up sits. As we start developing aerial skills, we will use transitions to piece things together into a combo. Get ready to enhance your fluidity and increase your endurance.

It is assumed that students in this class have mastered beginner skills on both sides including various pole grips, spins, sits, and knee hooks.

​​​It is Pole Haus’ mission to ensure our students are given quality instruction at a level that is right for them – this means a level that is challenging, not too easy, too difficult or unsafe. Our classes have been devised with the intent to give students a sense of achievement as well as attainable goals.

Strength and endurance is built gradually. We encourage students to take the time needed to build proper technique and to master many elements than rushing through to the next stage. Being able to perform a move encompasses more than just ‘doing’ it – we believe moves and combinations should be fluid and executed with control. It is advised that students take their time and build the necessary strength and skills. Conditioning and floorwork are also an integral part of pole dancing and also determines whether you are ready for the next level. A positive aspect of pole dance and fitness is that every move builds on the mastery of prior steps.

​Check out our virtual classes below! We offer live, online classes via Zoom for students all over the world! All classes are taught with proper safety advice and instruction. For more information, please read our class FAQs.

Note: Classes are cancelled if less than two students are signed up. It is important that you sign up for classes and/or Early Cancel out of classes so we can gauge attendance. If the class is cancelled, you will be informed via email.


(No Pole Needed)

This class will be taught at intermediate level. It is for students who are able to successfully perform a forearm stand and shoulder rolls (forwards and backwards) with correct technique. In this class you will begin to add acrobatic and inverted elements to your floor and chair practice! Time to bring out your inner gymnast for a different kind of challenge. With a focus on inversions, back bends, and walkovers, dancers of varying gymnastic ability are welcome to explore varying levels of skills and tricks. It is suggested that students are familiar with our Flex Class as we will build upon the flexibility and skills taught during those sessions.

A solid based metal chair is required for this class. Adequate space to perform a shoulder roll (forwards/backwards) as well as a forearm stand should be available. Please wear a supportive top, pole shorts, leggings, and knee pads; heels under 8 inches are optional.

​All Levels
(Pole Needed)

Get ready to work! Students will be challenged with heart-pounding, high energy choreography with a sensual flair. This class is all about dynamic movement and will have you twisting and twirling up and down in ways you never thought possible!

Some pole experience is recommended but not required for this class. Students are welcome to wear long pants and are highly encouraged to bring their thickest knee pads and their hottest heel-bangin' platform shoes.

​A home pole is required for this class, knee pads are optional. Responsibility of a properly installed home pole relies solely on the student.

All Levels

(Pole Needed)

This class is designed for beginner pole dance students and those needing to rebuild their pole strength! The majority of this class is concentrated on becoming familiar with the pole, basic floor work, learning basic moves, hand positioning and points of contact with the pole. Strength and core stamina start and return here!

A home pole is required for this class, knee pads are highly encouraged, and heels are optional. Responsibility of a properly installed home pole relies solely on the student.

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