What should we wear to the parties?

As long as you are able to comfortably move around, you can dress as sexy as you want!  You will need some skin exposed to grip the pole. We recommend your ankles and backs of knees exposed to help you out. Sport shorts and tank tops are great. We sell tank tops, shorts and a range of apparel in the studio if you wish to purchase when you arrive.

Please refrain from using body lotion the day of the party as this will affect your grip and could lead to you sliding on the pole and during floor work. Also refrain from wearing rings, watches and bracelets during your party to protect the pole surface.

What about heels?

Yes! You can wear pole heels, stilettos or pumps of any height as long as you are comfortable in them and they do not scuff or leave marks on the flooring. We recommend the brand 'Pleaser' as these will keep your ankles safe, feet comfortable and will not mark the dance surface. You can also choose to participate barefoot if that feels better for you!

What do I bring?

If your package does not include bottled water, we sell it at the studio or you can bring your own. Don’t forget your cameras, a fun attitude and a smile!

How long before the date should I schedule my Pole Party?

There are no minimum or maximum time frames in which to schedule your pole party. We do recommend, however, that you book as early as you are able to secure the date and time that you are looking for.

What does the deposit cover? Is it an extra charge?

The deposit required for each Pole Party is NOT an extra charge. All deposits for our pole party packages pre-pay for 4 people. This deposit will hold the date and time that you want. The balance will be settled on the day of the pole party depending on how many attend.

What if I don't meet the minimum numbers on the day of my Pole Party?

The minimum attendance for each party package is the following: 1 Hour Party (Bronze) is requires 4 people minimum. 1.5 Hour Party (Silver) requires 7 people minimum. 2 Hour Party (Gold) requires 10 people minimum. If you do not meet these numbers, you will still be expected to pay for the minimum.


How do I schedule my Pole Party?

The easiest way you can schedule is online (in the Parties tab, just click through the link on the package you want).

You are also to able to call us at (215) 995-2036 to do it over the phone.

Where are you located?  How do we get there?
We are in Center City (Rittenhouse Square area) on Chestnut Street between 17th and 18th Street. Please allow plenty of time to get into the studio, especially if you are coming from outside of Center City. We do not validate parking or have a designated parking area - there are nearby Parking Lots and street parking however, we recommend Public Transport. For parking and public transport information, please Click Here.

When should we arrive?  Should we drive?

We recommend you arrive no more than 10-15 minutes before your party.  We do not suggest driving to the Studio.  Please allow plenty of time to get into the studio, especially if you are coming from outside of Center City. 

Can a male attend the party? 
If a male intends on participating in the pole dance activities, then he is most welcome to attend and have a great time - we welcome everyone!

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​Frequently asked questions

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Can I bring food and alcohol? 
We do not allow food or alcohol in the studio - we ask that you refrain from alcohol before the pole party to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Those who have consumed alcohol will not be able to participate in the pole lesson. After your pole party there are so many options! We are located in Center City Philadelphia with so many restaurants within a five to ten minute walk! If your package does not include bottled water, you are welcome to bring your own water or purchase some at the studio.

What other perks are there to having a Pole Party? 

When you schedule a party at Pole Haus you will also have access to some great offers from local businesses that could make your special even more fun! You and your group would be able to take advantage of discounts at Lash Bash Philly (Eyelash Extension and Make Up Services) and Philamassages (Sports Massage). 

Can someone who is pregnant participate? 
Anyone who is pregnant will need to obtain permission from their Doctor before the party. All women are different so it is up to the discretion of their medical provider.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit on pole dancing, all are welcome – everyone will be asked to sign a waiver before the party starts, participants under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign on their behalf. 

Does everyone have to participate? 
For those in your party who would like to attend and see what is going on but are unable to participate, a $15 spectator fee will be charged for each person watching. These spectators however do not count towards the minimum people needed for each party.

Do you offer parties ‘at home'? 
We do not offer parties held outside the studio. Our three party packages are all held in our studio. 

Can we purchase a 'memento' to celebrate the occasion?

Yes! We offer Pole Haus tank tops and hoodies that are available for purchase! 

Do I need experience in dance, pole fitness or gymnastics? 
Not at all! People of all body types and fitness levels are encouraged to come to our studio. Our Instructors are experts in tailoring the pole/dance activities to suit all skill levels and abilities of participants. The aim of the party is to have fun, build confidence and create memories with your group. It is a great workout though!  We provide a comfortable and safe environment for everybody to feel awesome! 

What is the Cancellation Policy?
We have a One Week (7 Days) Reschedule Policy for pole parties. If you contact us more than 7 days before the scheduled start time, then we can arrange alternate arrangements (a different date and time) to suit your needs. Refunds (for the deposit) are not given.  
Should you cancel within 7 days of the pole party, it is a 'Late Cancel.' You will lose your deposit and not be able to reschedule without paying another deposit. Refunds will not be given. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For more information about our policies, Click Here.