JULES CORRADO Owner/Instructor Jules has been pole dancing since 2009 where she first tried it in her home town of Sydney, Australia.  She has been taught by many world-known pole artists and has performed in showcases in both Sydney and Philadelphia. Jules’ style incorporates the physical strength and control required for pole fitness as well as expressiveness through the sensuality of dance and floor work - melting from one move to the next.  She has danced most of her life – taking part in various forms of dance such as Hip-hop, Jazz and Flamenco. She uses knowledge learned from her Masters Degree in Education as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science with a Dance Major to enhance her teaching and dancing.  Jules has recently fallen in love with the Exotic Style that gives the perfect combination of what Pole Dance has to offer.   Jules believes in a holistic approach to pole fitness including incorporating alignment, nutrition, restorative practices and conditioning to produce a more rounded dancer.

MAKEDA McGILL Instructor Makeda is a full time Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer at Philadelphia Sports Club within their multiple locations and has been since 2013. She teaches classes such as Barre, Total Body Conditioning, Boot Camp and Core Conditioning.   Makeda also has an extensive background in dance, studying styles such as Modern, Ballet, African and Jazz. Her dance training has led her to earn her BFA degree in Modern Dance from the University of the Arts.  She recently competed in the USPDF Novice Sexy category and the PSO Liberty Competition here in Philadelphia winning 2nd Place in the Level 3 Entertainment category. She loves learning from the best, and being a part of the team at Pole Haus.

JENNIFER LEE Instructor Jenn originally started pole dancing in Korea. After several classes she was hooked by the amazing shapes that her body could make. The passion grew strong so she relocated to Sydney, Australia to take her Pole Dance Training to the next level. Jenn loves bendy moves, exotic flow and the feeling you get when you can use your body the way your mind wants it to. Jenn is a certified yoga teacher, focusing on alignment and flexibility to ensure safe execution of moves. She uses this knowledge to incorporate different elements of yoga into her classes.

BLAIR BALLIN Instructor As far back as she can remember, Blair Ballin has always wanted to tumble and learn acrobatic tricks. Blair was a gymnast since the age of 5; following a knee injury, she found pole dance in 2013 as a way to recapture the feeling of defying gravity. Blair loves creating and collaborating, showing others not only what to do but HOW - which means that there is accomplishment and growth for everyone.  
Blair has since competed in Titans of Pole, Pole Sport Organization, and US Pole Dance Federation Competitions. Her style works to combine her gymnastics background, love of rock 'n' roll, and pole... in her opinion, everything is better in heels!.

ALFIE SOSA Instructor Alfie has been pole dancing since 2010 and has a signature style of controlled strength. He consistently works on his art through contortion training as well as classes in Modern Dance. He has performed in many local showcases throughout the city of Philadelphia. Alfie was a part of the winning team in the 2012 Diamond G-String Award. In 2013, he earned the honor of being the first man to ever win the POLESQUE competition held in New York City. Alfie’s most recent achievement was winning the Gold Medal in the Atlantic Pole Championships (APC) 2014, competing in the Men’s Pro Division.

LAURA BARBERA Instructor Laura was introduced to pole in 2015 and quickly appreciated its emphasis on strength, flexibility, and adaptability to any level. Since the age of 3 Laura studied various styles of dance in her native Maryland, culminating in several years of study in the Vaganova ballet method. In 2002 she moved to Philadelphia to study dance at Temple University. During her studies she taught ballet and was a member of the Philadanco Training Company which included studies in Graham and Horton modern dance techniques.  In 2017 Laura competed in the Pole Sport Organization's Liberty competition where she earned 3rd Place.

All of our instructors are required to be CPR/First Aid Certified and come to you with a vast array of exercise/dance/fitness certifications and experience. We believe in consistently developing professionally by keeping up to date and building on our knowledge within the Dance, Aerial, Fitness and Human Movement Industries.

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JACQUI SIMONE Instructor Jacqui Simone has had a passion for dance her whole life. She spent her childhood practicing Classical Ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance and performing with non-profit ballet companies on stages up and down the East Coast. In 2011, Jacqui put aside her dance career to attend the University of the Arts for Graphic Design. She discovered Pole Dancing in college through a Groupon!  It reignited her passion for dance, and she quickly became obsessed with the art. She began competing in amateur pole competitions in 2016 where she placed second in the level 4 dramatic category at the Northeast Aerial Art Competition, and later was accepted into the US Pole Dance Federation Amateur division where she was awarded her Professional Status. Since then she has competed professionally from New York City all the way to Austin, Texas. Her pole style is a contemporary-exotic fusion with a focus on beautiful lines, flexibility, and flow.

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SHONDA PORTER Instructor  Shonda followed in her sister’s footsteps and joined the world of dance in elementary school. Since then, she has dabbled in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip-hop styles. Shonda always had a fascination with pole dancing and in 2014, finally built up the courage to take a class at Pole Haus. It was the best decision she has ever made for myself. Her confidence has skyrocketed and she is looking forward to showing all of her students the notable physical benefit pole can have on the body as well as the emotional and mental benefit it can have. Shonda strives to express emotions and states of mind through her dancing and using the pole as an extension of herself for that purpose. Outside of the studio, Shonda is a registered nurse in the operating room.

AIMEE SIMONE Instructor Aimee started pole when her sister dragged her to a class almost four years ago. Without much coordination and little dance experience, she wasn't expecting much. But after just one hour, she was hooked. Combining her interests in writing and drama, Aimee loves using pole to tell stories on stage. Her favorite things in pole are drops, tumbles, and dynamic movement. Outside of the studio, she works in health care communications and content marketing. 

KATIE MILLER Instructor Pole dancing has been a positively enriching addition to Katie’s current teaching repertoire which includes Pilates and Barre. Since age 3, Katie has studied and performed Classical ballet and Balanchine techniques. During college, she continued to perform and choreograph while obtaining her B.S. in Biology with a minor in Dance. Katie’s interests in fitness, dance, and physiology are reflected in her pole style which emphasizes clean alignment and movement fluidity.

JASMIN OSORIO Instructor Known for her grace, poise and patience, Jazzy loves dancing with her feet off the ground. Jazzy discovered pole dancing in 2008 and although she had no formal background in dance, she took to the pole swiftly.  Her passion and knowledge of fitness and dance are evident when she is instructing. Jazzy has strength in piecing moves together fluidly and passes these skills onto her students. Jazzy has performed in various venues locally over the past years and has taken workshops with many master pole dancers. She loves sharing and creating new experiences with her students and encourages them to reach their goals in this unique form of art and fitness,

VERONICA MILLER Instructor Veronica Miller Jamison has been dancing and performing since the age of 13. Prior to her move to Philadelphia in 2011, Veronica was the head of the Vizion Performance Team, a hip-hop dance group at Howard University, and a member of the contemporary dance theater company, Contradiction Dance. Veronica came to pole dance in 2015, and now loves combining contemporary and hip-hop movement with sensual choreography and pole dance technique.

EMILY DIANE Instructor Emily started dancing at five years old with Classical Ballet and continued through high school and college to try almost every dance form out there—Jazz, Tap, Modern, you name it—but she now says pole fitness is her favorite. She started pole dancing in 2014 on a whim and became completely addicted to the combination of strength and beauty it holds. She finds that she uses aspects of other dance types daily in her practice, especially pointed feet and long lines!