​​Do I need Dance experience?

Not at all! As pole dancing utilizes different athletic skills, it is open to everyone.  All shapes and sizes, ages and experience are welcome. Our classes are designed to help you develop at your own pace in a comfortable environment. Just make sure to start in our Pole Intro classes if you have no experience.

Where do I start if I have Dance/Fitness experience but have not taken Pole Dance before?

Pole Intro – this will give you basics on pole dancing. While everyone is different, we recommend at least five to seven classes in Pole Intro before speaking with an Instructor to check if you are ready to progress to Level 1.

I am a beginner - what other classes apart from Pole Intro can I take?

We have many classes that are 'All Levels.'  They are based on choreography or conditioning that all help enhance your pole skills. You can sign up for Power Haus, Exotic Flow, Liquid Motion, and Flex classes.

Can men pole dance?

​Of course!  Men are very welcome in all of our classes.

What do I wear?

​As long as you are able to comfortably move around, wear what you would to a workout class! You will need some skin exposed to grip the pole. We recommend your ankles and backs of knees exposed to help you out. Sport shorts and tank tops are great. No nudity or inappropriate attire is allowed. Refrain from using body lotion the day of a pole class as this will affect your grip and could lead to you sliding on the pole. We ask that you do not wear rings, watches and bracelets during class to protect the pole surface. Knee pads are also worn by many participants during class but are not mandatory.

Can I wear heels?

Yes - you can wear pole heels as long as you are comfortable in them. You can also choose to participate barefoot if that feels better for you!

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​Frequently asked questions


How do I attend a virtual class?

You will be emailed the Zoom link one hour prior to the start of class. The meeting will open about 5 minutes before the start of class. We highly recommend attending our virtual classes through a laptop, desktop, or iPad.

Should I eat before class?

Pole dancing is a very high energy workout. Our classes require energy, focus, and strength. Participants need to be fueling their bodies in a healthy way to bust a move! Having a good snack before and after can really help with muscle soreness, cramps, energy levels, attention span, and comfort. This is especially important if you have a pre-existing conditions like diabetes or anemia.

How long are classes?

All pole and fitness classes are 1 hour long. Check our Schedule regularly for virtual classes.

What is the structure of a class?

All classes begin with a warm up, some conditioning, followed by the main part of the lesson, and then end with a cool down stretch.

What if I miss a class I have scheduled a booking for?

​We have a 1 hour cancellation policy for our virtual classes.  Should you cancel within that hour, this is considered a ‘Late Cancel.’ If you simply do not turn up then this is also considered a ‘Late Cancel.’ You forfeit the class drop-in purchase should you Late Cancel.

Go to Policies for more information.