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What is Pole Dancing?

It is a form of dance that uses performing arts, flexibility, strength and gymnastic/acrobatic skills. We use a vertical pole (in our studio a 45mm Chrome) in order to execute tricks and maneuvers. The pole can be stationary (static) or spinning, we offer both styles.

Do I need Dance experience?

Not at all! As pole dancing utilizes different athletic skills, it is open to everyone.  All shapes and sizes, ages and experience are welcome. Our classes are designed to help you develop at your own pace in a comfortable environment. Just make sure to start in our Intro to pole classes if you have no experience.

Where do I start if I have Dance/Fitness experience but have not taken Pole Dance before?

Pole Intro – this will give you basics on pole dancing. While everyone is different, we recommend at least five to seven classes in Pole Intro before speaking with an Instructor to check if you are ready to progress to Level 1.

I am a beginner - what other classes apart from Pole Intro can I take?

We have many classes that are 'All Levels.'  They are based on choreography or conditioning that all help enhance your pole skills. You can sign up for Pole Strong, Tempt, Flex and Vertical Barre classes.

Can I sign up for harder classes?

Students who sign up for Level 1/2, Level 2 and Level 2/3 Classes must pass a formalized 'test' in order to sign up for each of these levels. These tests are a progression of skills, techniques and abilities that are vital for safety and to ensure that classes flow without the distraction of students not being in the correct level. Please do not sign up for the test without speaking to an Instructor first. For more information about testing: Level Testing.

How do the 'tests' work to get into higher classes?

We hold testing for Level 1/2 and above classes every three to four months throughout the year. Students pay a $20 fee to attend a testing session where an Instructor will monitor their technique, strength and execution of certain items on both sides of the body. Should the student not be able to perform these moves safely then they will be given feedback and remain taking classes at their current level.

I have some Pole Dance experience, which classes should I sign up for?

As the way different pole dance studios structure their classes/levels can vary, it is always challenging to ascertain where a new student with experience should begin.  We generally recommend (for those with some experience) taking Pole Intro and speaking with an Instructor afterwards. If you have been taking pole classes for a considerable amount of time then taking Level 1 and speaking with an Instructor is advised.  If you would like to be tested into a Level 1/2 or higher and do not want to wait for the next testing period, then you will need to schedule a Private Lesson for this purpose. This applies to new students with experience only.

Can men pole dance?

​Of course!  Men are very welcome in all of our classes.

Who can’t attend a pole dance class?

Women who are pregnant and have not been given doctors approval cannot participate unless they have medical clearance to do so. Children under 16 years of age (those under the age of 18 years old will need a Parent or Guardian to sign a waiver before taking a class).

Can my family/friends come and watch my lesson?

Unfortunately we do not allow visitors to come in and observe our classes as it may cause other students in the class to feel uncomfortable. They are welcome to sign up and take the class though!

What do I wear?

​As long as you are able to comfortably move around, wear what you would to a workout class! You will need some skin exposed to grip the pole.  We recommend your ankles and backs of knees exposed to help you out.  Sport shorts and tank tops are great. No nudity or inappropriate attire is allowed. Please refrain from using body lotion the day of your class as this will affect your grip and could lead to you sliding on the pole and during floor work.  We ask that you do not wear rings, watches and bracelets during class to protect the pole surface. If you are taking a lyra class, tank tops and pants that cover the back of your knees work well. Knee pads are also worn by many participants during class but are not mandatory. We sell various knee pads in our studio.

Can I wear heels?

Yes - You can wear pole heels as long as you are comfortable in them. You can also choose to participate barefoot if that feels better for you!  If you do decide to wear shoes, we require that they be ‘Pleaser’ brand shoes only - this brand is made for pole dancing, supports your feet adequately and does not scuff or mark our flooring in the studio.

​​​​What do I bring? 
​Bottled water is available for purchase at Pole Haus or you can bring your own. You will be expected to remove all hand and wrist jewelry prior to dancing on the pole so leave it home if you don't wish to leave it in your purse or bag. You can also bring a yoga mat for Flex or a pole class warm up. We also recommend knee pads for floor work and stretching, we sell various ones at the studio. The only other thing you should bring with you is a smile - be ready to have fun! 

Should I eat before class?

Pole dancing is a very high energy workout. Our classes require energy, focus, and strength. Participants need to be fueling their bodies in a healthy way to bust a move! Having a good snack before and after can really help with muscle soreness, cramps, energy levels, attention span, and comfort. This is especially important if you have a pre-existing conditions like diabetes or anemia.

When should I arrive?

We ask you to arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class starts.

What if I am late for a class?

If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed to participate in the class. It is unsafe to participate in pole dance activities without a proper warm up and late comers distract the students who are in class. We have a strict late policy and latecomers will not be buzzed into the studio. Refunds will not be issued if you miss your class due to being late, we ask that you respect this policy.

How long are classes?

All pole and fitness classes are 1 hour long. Pole Practice ranges from 1 - 1.5 hours. Check our Schedule regularly for classes.

What is the structure of a class?

All classes begin with a warm up, some conditioning, followed by the main part of the lesson, and then end with a cool down stretch.

What is Pole Practice?

Pole Practice is a session where students can attend to work independently on certain tricks/moves learned in class, conditioning and prepare for performances.  These sessions involve an instructor being present to supervise but they will not be teaching a formal class. These sessions can be looked at as 'training' sessions. PLEASE NOTE: these sessions are only open to those with a current active student status with us.

How do I purchase a membership or schedule a class?

For purchases, go to the Pricing tab and it will prompt you through the process.  To schedule a class, go to the Schedule tab, enter your log in details and take it from there!

What if the class I want to take is full? Should I put myself on the wait list?

If the class you want to take is full, ALWAYS put yourself on the wait list! You have a great chance of coming off this list and making it into the class (around 95% chance!). We will give you at least 4 hours notice and let you know through your email that you provided. Please ensure that you have opted into email reminders and notifications when you set up your account.

What if I miss a class I have scheduled a booking for?

​We have a 4 hour cancellation policy.  Should you cancel within 4 hours of the class, this is considered a ‘Late Cancel.’ If you simply do not turn up then this is also considered a ‘Late Cancel.’  If you accumulate more than 1 Late Cancel within a calendar month, you will be charged an additional $5 per class for that month. If you have a Drop In, 5 or 10 Class Card, you will forfeit a class should you Late Cancel. A 'no show' to class is also counted towards this total.

Where are you located?  How do I get there?

We are in Center City (Rittenhouse Square area) on Chestnut Street between 17th and 18th Street.  Please allow plenty of time to get into the studio, especially if you are coming from outside of Center City.  We do not validate parking or have a designated parking area - there are nearby Parking Lots and street parking however, we recommend Public Transport.  For parking and public transport information, Click Here.

Go to Policies for more information.